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Welcome to the New SOFER.

It's been an amazing journey through and true. An inspirational conquest in its entirety for individuals and organisations involved with SOFER Initiative. Years have rolled by, sweats through toils amidst smiles, yet still a distance from attaining optimum output in environmental awareness. Challenges abound but hearts have fused together for the purpose of achieving a future for generations here and unborn. We love what we do. Our benefits? Not sure, but we know that little efforts and pro-activity will create a future we might be lucky to see and smile about someday.
We have been able to redesign our logo and refocus our energy into the future of raising awareness, impacting generations and helping to reduce the adversity that becloud the global environment. We went through series of fund raising campaigns and had a less than 5% response between 2010 and 2015. We embarked on State projectsand hoping to get the required support from the States. We had reasons to take off our glo…