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We focus on top environmental issues that affect our immediate environment. Some of which are:
Domestic waste
Waste minimisation and recycling
Public open spaces
Roadside vegetation and beautification
Environmental rules and regulations
Law enforcement.

In view of the above, we tend to apply a holistic and integrated approach aimed at sustained improvement to lead pro-actively and participate in public dialogue. In order to achieve a broad participation; we encourage a public call for proposals on environmental awareness activities. We also select topical issues and concentrate on those where practical progress is achievable within a short time.
Our strategies as contained in our designed action plans basically address;
 Target groups
 Objectives, and
 Proposed actions


In line with our aim to raise environmental awareness in the general public, the Project Green Garden Clean City (Rivers State on the verge of environmental restoration), on-going, identifies ‘Environmental Awareness in Rivers State’ as the key result to be achieved. As part of the above project, SOFER Initiative in association with her volunteers has embarked on a monthly clean up exercise tagged ‘LETS CLEAN UP RIVERS STATE’, aimed at sensitising, sanitising and demonstrating the act of keeping the environment clean and safe.
Our activities commenced on the 20th of November, 2010 with a clean up exercise between Stadium Road through Aba Road and Rumuomasi, all in Port Harcourt-Rivers state, Nigeria. Since then, we have gone ahead to carry out monthly clean up exercises, visited and strategized our activities with some communities and their leaders, and also performed some charity work. Being a member of Clean Up the World (CUW), Australia, SOFER Initi…

Our Constitutional Rights

The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, pursuant to section 20 of the Constitution, the State is empowered to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the water, air, land, forest and wildlife of Nigeria.
The Federal government has promulgated various laws and regulations to safegurad the Nigerian environment but it is the responsibility of the State and its environmental agencies to see to the administration of such laws and regulations.
At SOFER Initiative we are exceptional in our execution as we develop the the youths through volunteerism, demonstrate practically through our activities and provide an opportunity for people to give back to the society. We also welcome innovative ideas and support towards achieving our set goals. Our strategies are versatile, through the media to entertainment, community development to government participation, stakeholders and the private sectors alike. All these and more are geared towards making Nigeria a clean, green and serene environment.