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iRECYCLE NIGERIA Campaign/Challenge

Our individual choices affect the quality of our lives and most importantly the lives of those we would leave behind. We have been away for a minute and the world seems to have spun a million times. We want to apologize for this short time away but we are here now to commemorate the World Environment Day and inspire the world to recycle. The environment entails much more than the physical, as proven by the hearts of the SOFER Initiative Volunteers. We have come with potentials to drive and actualize our purpose of creating environmental awareness through youth participation geared towards mitigation and adaptation of the environment.
While away, we met people with hearts we consider bigger than ours, they said we should never stop, support or not. Certain individuals and organizations have been so supportive and we want to say thank you. Volunteers have planned and are executing a national campaign called the iRECYCLE NIGERIA Campaign /Challenge from 4th to 6th June, 2015 as our con…